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Video messaging application that allows you to send/receive multimedia messages over the internet.


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Connecting over 800 million users to each other from around the world, Viber is set up to connect you and your friends or business partners together, no matter where you are or what device you are on. Instantly connect with countless users in our online community Premium Hub and enjoy the benefits of our exclusive Social Club giving you the chance to meet new people and stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings from the Viber world including; tips, tricks, deals and the most current news.

About Viber

Viber is an extremely popular, free-to-download, cross-platform instant messaging service that boasts an incredible range of features. As well as giving users the ability to send text messages, users are free to send videos, images, audio media messages and can even make voice calls. Launched in 2010, Viber rapidly became one of the most popular platforms of communication and is used by millions of users around the world.


For Android phone users: Android download

Installing the Viber application on your smartphone or tablet is easy when you follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Open your respective app store on your smartphone or tablet, for example, Google Play, iTunes App Store, Windows Store…

Step 2 – In the search bar in your App Store, type ‘Viber’ and press Search

Step 3 – Select the Viber page from the results and tap the download/install button on the screen

Step 4 – Click through the options to install the application, as you would normally install an app

Step 5 – Once you have downloaded the app, locate the Viber icon in the menu screen of your device

Step 6 – Open the application and follow through the registration screens, inputting your required personal information including your phone number and your name, as well as accepting the terms & conditions

Step 7 – Your Viber application is set up and ready to use!


Versions Available & Size of Download (Last Updated 3 June 2017):

Please note that the sizes above are average sizes and the actual size will depend on your operating system, device and Viber version

iOS: 6.9.1 – 133MB

Android: – 37.17MB

Blackberry: – 16MB

Blackberry 10: – 16MB

Windows Phone: 6.6 – 21.46MB – 76.7MB

Symbian: Now Unsupported – 2.1.512 – 1.3MB

Tips & tricks for using Viber

To improve your Viber experience, increase functionality, increase productivity and to optimise your Viber experience, you can use the tricks and tips below.

  • You can effortlessly block any unwanted users from contacting you by swiping right on the conversation, opening the chat menu, and navigating through the menu to the ‘Block’ option. To unblock, head to Settings > Privacy > Block list.


  • Viber comes with an incredibly efficient Smart Notifications feature. That compresses your on-screen notifications. To activate, simply navigate to the conversation you would like to use the Smart notifications, swipe to the left and enable Smart Notifications.
  • You can disable all types of notifications by clicking Viber > Settings > Notifications. Now you can proceed to check and uncheck all the various kinds of notifications. With all options unchecked, you will not receive any kind of notification.
  • You can edit and draw on photos directly from the Viber app. Simply tap on any images or photos you have received through the application, tap the ‘Navicon’ button and select the ‘Doodle on this photo’ option. You will then gain access to pens, pencils, brushes, erasers and loads more in the Doodle Editor.
  • To view the individual photos and other visual media that has been sent by a certain user on Viber, simply open the relevant conversation thread and swipe right. From here, click the ‘Media’ option and you will be presented with a gallery.
  • By default, Viber will automatically create its own Wi-fi profile that will restrict your device from disconnecting from your Wi-fi network when the device goes to sleep. To customise this setting to your personal preference, simply click Settings > General > Wi-Fi policy.
  • You can delete individual messages in a chat thread, rather than having to delete the entire conversation. Simply access the conversation and long-press the messages you want to delete and click ‘Delete’. You can also long-press multiple messages to manage them at the same time.
  • By default, the Android version of Viber lights up the screen every time you receive a notification. To disable this feature, simply head to Settings > Notifications and disable the ‘Light Screen for Messages’ option.
  • Viber has a status feature with enables users to know when their sent messages have been received and read. You can disable this status feature by clicking on the ‘Navicon’ option and clicking ‘Settings’. From here, click ‘Privacy’ and untick the Send Seen Status’.
  • By default, Viber has an online status feature, allowing other users to know that you are online. To disable this feature, click the ‘Navicon’ and click ‘Settings’. Head to the ‘Privacy’ menu and untick ‘Share Online Status’.
  • To increase the functionality of Viber by navigating quickly around conversations, enter any chat room of your choice and swipe to the right. You will be presented with a menu where you will find all active chat rooms where you can simply click to navigate to the desired chat room.

Feature list

Available Features

  • Free, real-time instant messaging and calls to other Viber users
  • Personalised accounts linked to unique phone number
  • High-Definition phone calls and video calls
  • Stickers, GIFs, photo, text messaging features available
  • Multiple applications allowed on several devices
  • Fully supported synchronisation of data between mobile and desktop devices
  • Send short audio messages via the Hold & Talk feature
  • Public chat rooms of up to 100 users fully supported
  • Business options allowing for customer engagement and customer support
  • Fully integrated Service Messages for software updates
  • Exclusive Viber Games
  • Free international calling
  • News Feeds for business, media channels and users
  • Full international tech support teams

Desired Features

  • The ability to sync contacts from device and social network accounts
  • The ability to ‘like’ and easily share media received through the application
  • Better support and bug-handling from more niche devices
  • Lower memory usage on devices that causes devices to occasionally slow down

Pros & cons


  • Simple sign-up and register process by using just phone number and customised name
  • Free and unlimited voice, video and text messaging to other Viber users
  • Group chat functionality
  • Huge user database with over 800 million registered users
  • Extremely affordable calls to landline and mobile devices around the world


  • Popularity of the application is increasingly declining
  • Poor quality video and audio messaging compared to other VOIP companies such as Skype and WhatsApp
  • Messages are not encrypted or secure and no function for private messaging
  • Application can use large amounts of device memory, causing the device to slow down and sometimes freeze


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