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Facebook Messenger


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Instant messaging application that allows you to send/receive multimedia messages over the internet.


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About Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of, if not the most, popular instant messenger application in the world. Boasting a massive 1.2 billion users worldwide, the real-time messaging network allows users to connect and communicate effortlessly across all manner of devices and platforms on any kind of internet connection. Seamlessly integrated into the market-leading social network, Facebook, the Messenger application has a complete and fully supported range of features that millions of users enjoy on a daily basis.


Android phone users: Android download

Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully setup and install the Facebook Messenger application to your device;

Step 1 – Open your respective app store on your smartphone or tablet, for example, Google Play, iTunes App Store…

Step 2 – In the search bar in your App Store, type ‘Facebook Messenger’ and press Search

Step 3 – Select the Facebook Messenger page from the results and tap the download/install button on the screen

Step 4 – Click through the options to install the application, as you would normally install an app

Step 5 – Once you have downloaded the app, locate the Facebook Messenger icon in the menu screen of your device

Step 6 – Open the application and follow through the registration screens, inputting your required personal information including your phone number and your name, as well as accepting the terms & conditions

Step 7 – Your Facebook Messenger account is set up and ready to use!

Is Facebook Messenger free?

The Facebook Messenger application is completely free to use on all platforms, no matter where you are in the world.


Available Operating Systems:

iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian

Versions Available & Download Size (Last updated 4th June 2017):

Please note that sizes can vary depending on version, device type and operating system.

iOS: 119.0 – 276MB

Android: – 56.36MB

Blackberry: Currently Unsupported – 1.1.294 – 2MB (Last updated 2012)

Blackberry 10: Currently Unsupported – 1.1.294 – 2MB (Last updated 2012)

Windows Phone: Varies by device – 86.64MB – 94.94MB

Symbian: Unofficially supported – 7.8.0 – 1.75MB


  • Users can send Snapchat-style photos by tapping on the photo icon in a conversation thread. From there, tap on the text, doodle or smiley face icons, located on the top right-hand side of screen, to play with features to add icons and stickers to your images
  • Users can add 24-hour stories to share pictures, images and videos with their connected Messenger users by clicking the ‘Add to story’ button on their Messenger homepage
  • By long-pressing a message in your conversation feeds, you can react to messages using the Facebook Reactions features
  • On one of your connected user’s birthday, click the balloon icon to send them a message that makes balloons fly up their device’s screen
  • There is a selection of games available to users to play each other on Facebook Messenger. To begin the games, simply send a football or basketball Emoji and tap on the sent emoji to begin the game. The winner is the player with the highest score
  • By selecting the phone icon in a group chat, you can begin a Facebook Group video call, located in the top right-hand corner.
  • Messenger is fully integrated into the file-sharing platform, Dropbox. This allows you to share Dropbox files and links with other users effortlessly. You must have the Dropbox application installed on your device. To send Dropbox related content, simply select the ‘More’ option located in the top right-hand corner and you will the Dropbox icon in the menu
  • The Facebook Messenger application is fully integrated into Spotify, allowing you to share songs, playlists, albums and singles with your connected Messenger users. You must have the Spotify application installed on your device. To send Spotify related content, simply select the ‘More’ option located in the top right-hand corner and you will the Spotify icon in the menu
  • Unknown to many users, you can send money to other users for free. This is still a developing feature that is only available in some countries but is beginning to roll out to countries around the world. All payments sent via Facebook Messenger are free and fully secure
  • Users can mute notifications from all their conversations from within the Messenger app. Select the ‘More’ option, located in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select ‘Notifications’. From here, users can choose from a variety of muting options.


  • Send texts, messages, photos, images, videos, files and much more from within the Facebook Messenger app
  • Post 24-hour stories to share content with all your connected users
  • ‘React’ to messages in your conversation threads
  • Play games solo or against friends directly from your conversation threads
  • Partake in group chats and group video calls
  • Messenger app automatically filters spam mail to a ‘secret inbox’
  • Share external content such as Spotify and Dropbox
  • Make calls worldwide using only a data or Wi-fi connection for no cost
  • Ability to mute conversations and notifications
  • Take and record photos and videos to send to other users
  • Share your real-time location with other users
  • Customise friends and other user’s names
  • Select which messages you want to be private from people who may access your device
  • Send GIFs and Stickers using the built-in database and search feature
  • Store and access boarding passes for airport use and receive live updates on flights and check-in times
  • See when messages and sent content has been received and seen by recipients
  • Send voice recordings and pre-recorded audio clips



  • Extremely easy way to communicate with fast, incredibly optimised messaging format and application user interface
  • Completely free-to-use
  • Works on Wi-fi and roaming data connections
  • Device permissions only requested once the permission is needed for a certain feature
  • Users can use the Messenger service, even if they don’t have a Facebook account


  • Instant real-time messaging can be extremely distracting from real-life
  • When constantly used or using ‘Chat Bubbles’ feature, battery life can drain from your device very quickly
  • Some devices and versions need 100+MB to install
  • Users are forced to use the Facebook Messenger application if they have the Facebook application installed on their device
  • Functionality can be extremely limited or drain batteries on low-end devices
  • App uses permissions to sell some personal data to third parties


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